Police tear off woman’s pants and “probe” her vagina for 11 minutes.


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Cop Beating Man Caught On Camera

Arizona Officer illegaly enters woman’s home, arrests while naked

I think we can all rest easier knowing that this guy will never be a cop again. Doug Rose is the officer in question and you can read about it at the link below.


Cops Power Trip at Pool Party

Man falsely arrested for not giving cop his camera

The man in this video is Eric Casebolt according to heavy.com



Abusive Cop Article 1


Cop “warns” man for washing car in his own driveway!

Another prime example of cops having a power trip mentality thinking they are above the law and can do as they please.

New York City cop imprisons college student without ID for two days

Offending Officer: Officer Durrell from 26th Precinct NYC
Victim: Samantha Zucker

Officer Durrell. YOU ARE A SLIMEBALL.

Here is another example of police abusing their authority. This young girl was locked up in jail for two days all because the cop that has been identified as Officer Durrell of the 26th District wouldn’t allow her or her friend to retrieve her ID that was a mere two blocks away.

Samantha Zucker was recently visiting New York City and went for a walk in Riverside Park at 3 am. As a visitor she was unaware that the park closed at 1am. Some police officers came to tell them they were trespassing. They had turned around to leave and another police car and announced he was citing them for trespassing and requested their ID’s. The only problem was she had left her ID at the hotel which was about two blocks away. The police officer would not allow her to retrieve it or to let her friend go get it for her. According to the girl he told her “It was too late for that”.

The real bothersome part of this story is the fact that she was held in jail for 36 hours and moved from one jail to another and during this time, she says the arresting officer came to her cell to taunt her. She states he told her to “Get a new Boyfriend” and “Get a guy who takes me out to dinner”. He also allegedly mocker her for being from Westchester.

Once she finally got in front of a judge, the judge realizing how ridiculous this was, dismissed her charges in less than a minute.


Cops Could Get Death in Post-Katrina Shootings


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