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Cop “warns” man for washing car in his own driveway!

Another prime example of cops having a power trip mentality thinking they are above the law and can do as they please.

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  1. It used to be that the police just impeded your progress from point A to point B, but now it appears they have gradually become very abusive of citizens. It would be beneficial to all if the police were smarter than they are tough. That’s my observation from what I see on the news.

  2. all i want to say is your a complete dumbass. and the fact someone made a site named http://www.AbusiveCops.org and can post a video about a cop being FRIENDLY, yes “FRIENDLY” and giving him a heads up not to do it or he WILL have to give him a fine. and you did not watch the movie fully. he never even mentioned arresting him. he mentioned giving him a ticket. also PUBLIC means ANYWHERE ANY HUMAN BEING CAN SEE YOU CLEARLY. meaning if u walk out your front door and on your porch your IN PUBLIC. for instance if a woman walks out on her porch and flashes into the world as she know it, your saying she shouldnt be arrested for PUBLIC INDECENCY. or if a man walks out into his lawn and is drunk off his ass chunking beer cans around the yard screaming hes on private property so he shouldnt be arrested for PUBLIC INTOXICATION. i know these things dont relate but they kind of do. they are all public and they ARE on PRIVATE PROPERTY. but being somewhere ur able to be seen is considered PUBLIC. try looking it up in the dictionary. also i included a fake email so dont bother remessaging, i wouldnt trust this site with anything, its just a mixture of racist dumbasses and crackheads trying to make cops feel bad for their stupidity. the title of this video explains clearly how stupid you are. think before you post, probably why theres very little people seeing this site. hope u have a good day and hope u keep posting stuff that just makes u look bad, not the cops. it helps me alot.

  3. Cop Accountability Police

    Thanks for the heads up. We have updated the title of the article.

    You should also learn how to use the word “your” vs “you’re” among many other things.

    The website you referenced in your comments is actually available for registration, maybe you should buy it!

    Thanks to your post, we are going to start working on this site a lot more to expose abusive cops. It has been a back burner project for a long time, but with all of the recent incidents that have happened, this site needs to be a focus.

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