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Sgt. Raul Ramirez El Paso, TX arrest ABC-7 Crew

Shame on Sgt. Raul Ramirez. Just because you are a police officer does not mean you can do whatever you want. There were many people on the side of the road and Mr. Ramirez went directly after the news crew because they had a camera. He was not telling everybody to leave and when he told them to go back to their truck, the reporters did start to move back. Mr. Ramirez escalated the situation when one of the reporters said “He can shoot if he wants to”. This angers the cop and then his agenda instantly changes to making sure that the reporter knows that he can be arrested. He was told to go back to the truck and he did. This does not warrant the police officer rushing Darren Hunt and grabbing his belt and threatening him. He asks him if he wants to get arrested and then all of a sudden seems to change his mind and then arrests the reporter. He then grabs the cameraman who is watching in amazement and arrests him as well. The name of the cameraman was Ric Dupont.

Sgt. Ramirez is on administrative duty and if the investigation finds that he was in the wrong, he could face disciplinary action, which would most likely be a long-term suspension.

Please tell us your thoughts and if you have had any interactions with Sgt. Raul Ramirez.

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  1. I am commenting in General about abusive cops. I live at the jersey Shore and the police officers down here are nothing but abusive, rude, and also young party-goers. I have quit an interesting story to share. My boyfriend and I were walking out dog Cleo on the beach in Seside. They used to allow dogs on the beach and we have seen plenty of people walking their dogs on the beach/ boardwalk. Somebody decided to take it into their own hands and call the police. An officer showed up and told us he had a call and rudely asked us to get off the beach or he will write a ticket. Because of his hostility and because our dog is a traumatized rescued dog our dog started barking. We told the cop to move forward and out of the way, pleaded with him to give us a chance to get her off and he just kept instigating the situation and coming closer to us and our poor dog cleo. While he spoke he waved his hands alot and he never gave us a chance to get her off calmly. She got really anxious and upset and got off her leash and nipped his finger. The cop said a dog like that should not be on the beach. Many people have been around her, calmness is key. We told him that ahead of time. He called in other police officers and an ambulance for a nip that did not even bleed. They had my boyfriend who has 3 herniated discs in his back (we told them that as well) hold down the dog on the floor of the boardwalk. i begged them to let him get up because he was straining and in pain. they told me to “shut my mouth” and that if i did not be quiet they would arrest me. My dog is in quarantine and she is only 1 year old. My boyfriend was taken into the police station and was forced to walk more then 10 long blocks home. He was limping and in pain and also felt abused, anxious, and couldn’t believe the injustice that occured. My dog ended up running away from the kennel when they tried bringing her to the animal contol center. One nice cop came to pick up my boyfriend so he could come get her. This nice young officer was rooting for us. He was hoping we could bring out Cleo home. She ended up swimming in the ocean fro 45 minutes looking for birds. They had to get rescue boats and helicopters to find her. There were 100 people on the beach rooting for cleo to get inside the boat safely. They couldn’t believe the police went through all these just because our dog was on the beach 4 hours before and a cop overstepped her boundaries when we warned him of her anxiety. The cop complained about his trigger finger being hurt, he had a shooting test for his gun. He is a rookie cop. The young kind cop who escorted my boyfriend to the beach to retrieve our dog was being yelled out because they were planning on shooting our dog and they were unable to do so with my boyfriend there. They wanted a reason to hurt our puppy. I guess if we weren’t their to see it then we don’t know what happened. Seaside Park/ Heights police need to deal with the drug problems and bike robberies they have here before they bother renters and humble people who work for a living.

    There is a man who drives a truck with a billboard around these towns letting people know about the cop abuse in this area.

    Thank you for reading my story.

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